At Schifferer Built we contribute in the community through school projects. Educational facilities ignite us to our core as we believe education and family are the future of our Country. The utilization of working with volunteers to build community schools at an affordable cost is our paramount goal. Multiple employees at Schifferer Built have been employed in the Education sector and bring their knowledge to the table.

Not only do we assist in bringing education with functionality to public schools, but we also accomplish projects out of the ordinary for the greater good of the community. We are energized by hearing about your organizations goals in furthering education and how we can assist in bringing them into fruition.

*Staff played a significant role in the completion of these projects while employment with firms outside of Schifferer Built

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We are passionate about constructing strong relationships as well as buildings. New construction and tenant improvements bring redemptive power to your organization and community. We love working on projects that go beyond the ordinary.

Regardless if your project is a dream in progress or is currently in the works, we are passionate about your project progressing to new heights. Give us a call at our office or let us know when a good time is for us to get in touch with you. If you would like to learn more about what makes Schifferer Built unique, see our work, or need a fresh set of eyes on a current project, we would be thrilled to meet with you.

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