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In 1961 Howard Schifferer started the family construction firm serving hospitals, churches, community centers, residential properties, and the industrial sector for over 40 years. Three generations of the Schifferer family continue this legacy across the United States serving the community daily for the greater good. Dean Schifferer leads his team with over 30 years of experience and his son Josh Schifferer continues the legacy as Director of Operations.

The staff of Schifferer Built joins forces forming a unique, specialized group of General Contractors from a diverse background to fulfill your project needs. From building a hospital to a multi million dollar church, Schifferer Built is a standout firm of people working hard for the betterment of others. The faces below are our greatest assets. They are the foundation of the Schifferer Built Family because they embrace your goals and run at an unwavering pace towards completion. They don’t lend support to your project, they carry it. They are Schifferer Built.

The Schifferer Built Team

Dean Schifferer

Dean Schifferer

Principal, Director of Pre-Construction Services

30+ years continuously involved in Design, Design/Build, Owner’s representation, General Contracting. Dean leads his team through building relationships with clients, stewardship of relationships, and outreach to create success.

Susie Schifferer

Susie Schifferer


Office manager who loves to serve rooted in 30+ years of nurse manager, educator and a passion for everyone being fiscally responsible.

Joshua Schifferer

Joshua Schifferer

Director of Operations

Grew up “in the business”! Integrally involved in our custom home construction to K-12 Charter School. When you need something to happen, he’ll orchestrate amazing things.

Hillary Schifferer

Hillary Schifferer

Marketing, General Office Support

Here’s the definition of a “self starter” whose ambition has taken her around the world doing a variety of business over the last 10 years.

Chris Barnett

Chris Barnett

Sr. Project Manager/Estimator

30+ years Design, Design/Build, Owner’s representation, General Contracting & Teaching it all. Add the fact he was Disney’s Goofy for years, you have a fun and charming companion to any project.

Melody Barbato

Melody Barbato

Assistant Project Manager

She’s the huge servant heart of service with 20+ years of construction related experience. Infectious loving personality who also naturally serves as the “mother of the office”.

Andrew Cundill

Andrew Cundill

Field Operations Manager, Superintendent, Carpenter

25+ years physical building the facilities, making millwork and educating. Passionately loves the servant heart culture of Schifferer Built. He’ll come alongside your staff and effectively collaborate to get the job done.

Nic Barbato

Nic Barbato

Field Operations, General Handyman

Here’s the youthful brawn that “lights” up your project with a fantastic “Get-R-Done” charm.

Colin Smith

Colin Smith

Intern & Carpenter

“You can take the boy off the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the boy”. Mr. Smith knows his way around the construction office functions but most importantly he has a terrific work effort. Let him go to work for you.

Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams

An organizer extraordinaire with a passion for people! With a background in Human Resources, Accounting, and Business Management, Sarah loves to problem solve and create solutions.

Boyd Williams

Boyd Williams

A creative genius with a tremendous work ethic, Boyd is willing to dig in and help out where he is needed with a smile on his face.

Trevor Aeschleman

Trevor Aeschleman

Field Operations, Carpenter Foreman

Another guy who can build or fix about anything and loves to dive into your project. He can’t help himself from smiling his way through the day.

Gene Taylor  - Coming Soon

Gene Taylor - Coming Soon

Special Projects Coordinator

Our Vision

If we clarify and facilitate the reality of each of our owner’s visions, then God will bless our business, which will result in a legacy of Character development and opportunity for generations. Therefore, Schifferer Built will build more than buildings. We assist in building positive lifestyles.

Our Mission

To be the genuine fiduciary who enthusiastically provides maximum value for our clients, so they may achieve their dreams.

Our Values

We will always put our values first. We aim to live with genuine character and integrity, serve others with intensity, and give generously.

General Contractor Services


If you need an idea to enhance a facility or an entire design team, we can take care of you


We’re the “one-stop shop” if you desire a single point of responsibility

Owner’s Representation

We’ll act as your fiduciary and “police” your project

Construction Manager

We’ll broker and manage any form of project


We’ll help you determine the highest and best use of your property

Cost Estimating/Maintenance

Conceptual to hard bid cost estimating services

Value Engineering

Bids 3-5 contractors per trade? Four tier budget process?


Orchestrating a challenging relocation or development is our forte

Outfit your Facilities

Furniture, fixtures and equipment selection, locating and purchasing experience

Develop Specifications

Maximum value in your facilities begins with outstanding specifications

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